Tovy Meshoulam

About Tovy Meshoulam

Tovy Meshoulam began his professional career as lead trombone player in the Israel Defense Forces Orchestra, and subsequently worked for more than three decades as a freelance musician in various styles and fields. He has played in classical orchestras, on radio and TV shows, in musical theater productions and on numerous albums by top Israeli artists.

Tovy has played lead trombone in the Tel-Aviv Big Band, as well as in the “Front Drive” jazz group. He has also lead innovative jazz ensembles, which have performed and recorded his original compositions and artistic arrangements in the albums "Acoustics" and "Eternally Spontaneous".

Tovy was a member of the Israeli Philharmonic Trombone Quartet. Later on, he established his own trombone quartet which has recorded the albums "Slide By Slide" and "The Seventh Dimension". This ensemble was awarded scholarships from the America-Israel Culture Foundation and from the Israeli Union of Wind Orchestra Conductors.

Tovy holds a Master’s degree in composition from the Jerusalem Academy of Music and Dance. In addition, he was awarded full scholarships as a trombone player and as a jazz arranger from the America-Israel Culture Foundation. His compositions and arrangements have been performed by symphony orchestras, big bands, chamber ensembles and solo artists.

For more than thirty years, Tovy has been a highly respected conductor and music educator in Israel. He currently serves as the head of the music department at Katzir High School in Rehovot and as the musical director of the wind ensemble of the Jerusalem Academy of Music and Dance High School.